Is Your Letting Agent Keeping Abreast of Legislative changes in the Private Rental Sector?

Research shows that far too few Letting and management agents actually bother to attend regular training courses.

With a government that seems committed to firing off new regulations to the private rental sector seemingly every few months regular training has never been more important. Sadly many agents are every complacent on this vital aspect of the business. Are you sure that your agent knows about recent changes to the Letting and Management sector?

A few recent changes that have come into place are as follows:

  • DCLG How to Rent Guide. Must be served at the outset of the tenancy (latest version).

  • Gas safety Certificates. Must be served before the outset of the tenancy.

  • Is the property MEES compliant? (Minimum energy efficiency standard).

  • Is the deposit protection prescribed information being served on the tenant.

If any of these above documents or procedures are not being done correctly then the financial cost to the Landlord can be devastating.

Mackstone have an intimate knowledge of these issues and pride ourselves on regularly attending Legal training courses to stay fully up-to date with the fast changing lettings market.

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